TT Medic Assault Pack


TT Medic Assault Pack “Exemplary design for medics”

Aalen police HQ equips organisation units with the TT Medic Assault Pack

After more than two years’ development and testing, Aalen police HQ has equipped its ten police stations, the Federal Motorway divisions, the two dog-handling sites, searches, deployment training centres and the task forces of the alert platoons with the “emergency backpack lite”, the Medic Assault Pack by TASMANIAN TIGER.

A total of 21 emergency backpacks are available. As the deployment training centres are equipped with the Medic Assault Pack an emergency backpack is available for every shooting training.

“The ’emergency backpack lite’ gives these divisions of Aalen police HQ a medical equipment standard that is slightly less than that used by special police units,” reads the official report on its introduction. It continues: “The concept focused on the following: high level of supply competence, high relevance to operations, stress-free in use, and multifunctionality.”

The TT Medic Assault Pack is technically and methodically up-to-date for medical first aid, carefully designed to hold the contents safely, and quick and easy to use in the event of an emergency.
TASMANIAN TIGER offers emergency backpacks and first-aid bags in various sizes and designs in the field of medical equipment.

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