TT Raid Pack MK II


Test winner Tactical Gear 1/2015: TASMANIAN TIGER Raid Pack MK II

Three whole days in the great outdoors, completely cut off from civilisation without knowing what’s waiting around the corner – in this situation, you need an emergency pack that will hold anything and everything you need to survive outdoors. A Bug-Out-Bag (BOB) is the perfect companion for any eventuality.

The magazine “Tactical Gear” tested various backpacks for this very purpose in its 1/2015 issue.

The test started with a simulated three-day escape, during which time the escapee remained hidden in the forest until the situation was likely to have settled down.

The military backpack TT Raid Pack MK II was the test winner, and rated as a particularly “ingenious” model. The testers’ summary: “… The carrier system is rigid, yet well padded. It will do anything asked of it without complaint. The only time the backpack developed a dynamic of its own was with fast movements. … It was never difficult to balance the dynamics, and abseiling and climbing also worked very well. … And with its extremely reasonable price, this backpack deserved to win the test. …”

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